Scouting Sydney for an action blockbuster.


We are currently scouting filming locations to use in a feature film production for Universal Studios currently titled '1X'.



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So how much money are we talking?



How much money are we talking?

It's like asking how long is a piece of string. It really depends on the space that we are working in. An initial visit to your home would allow us to give a better ballpark figure.

Why do you like the look of my home?

 People often think their house isn’t good enough or special enough. 


We look for a diverse range of houses. We look for properties of all shapes and sizes.

I am a tenant...Does that matter?

We work with both tenants and owners.

How long does it take to film on location?

We love to roll up our sleeves and work hard!We will generally spend between 12 - 14 hours on location per day.  

Is Council permission required?

We start dialogue early with Council and notify them of the filming activities and parking plan.

How do location scouts source their locations?

You'll probably receive one of my letters in the mail. I've always got a letter handy, and deliver them out when driving by. 

What is a location agreement?

The location agreement is signed by a representative of the production company and the location provider.

How does the process work?

I am given a brief by the creatives and use my knowledge of Sydney to find locations suitable for filming that best suit the brief. 

What if damage occurs to the location during filming?

Productions have $20 million dollar insurance policy to conduct filming. In the unlikely event something breaks or is damaged we repair or replace. 



Hi, I'm James


I'm a location scout for Film & TV. 


I take pride in delivering the best locations to the creative team from small to large scale productions, whether it be a private home, an office or public space.

  I am always scouting for homeowners, near or far,  who would like to be part of the film and TV world and be rewarded for it!

If you would like to make some money and have your location up in lights, I would love to hear from you.

You can see some of my previous work online in my blog. Click here! 

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